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Team6t9 Technical Director Andy Foot has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing bike maintenance products for big brand names. Cost restrictions have always limited the performance and quality allowable.

The new Team6t9 range has been created with no restriction at all. Making our own product in England has allowed us to invest greatly in the formulation quality and even the dispensing method. The whole range can be operated upside down due to special valves in the aerosols and trigger sprays.

James Whitham as President of the company has been heavily involved in the development of the range, his experience in using big brand products during his riding career, plus his hobby of bike restoration put him in an ideal position to evaluate and advise.

3 times world GP Champion Freddie Spencer is our Brand Ambassador. Freddie loves all the products and will be helping us more as we expand into other countries.

Many popular brands are from outside the UK. Support UK manufacturers, Buy British!


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